Find your “gruv”

I recently renamed my blog after some introspection and discussion with my wife (the creative one in the relationship).  I have spent the past several months trying to define my personal vision.  I really wanted to distill into a simple and powerful phrase or word and “gruv” is what felt right to me.

I have always been most successful in life when I was in my gruv and would be you were too.  When you are in that place that is not technically work but something you love to do, it is a wonderful experience.  Do not get me wrong, there are those who actually do this full time and get paid for it.  Lisa (my wonderfully talented wife) is one such person and I have shared this story more than a few times the past week or so.  A few years ago she had the opportunity to open her own small shop in the small Ohio town in which we live.  She had never run a business before but it was something that was too good to pass up.  Since then, she has rebranded the shop, opened an ecommerce site, and increased sales year over year…all without any formal business training.  I am convinced this is because she found her gruv and, as a result, these things took care of themselves.  I am not saying it was easy (it has not been) and not stressful (it continues to be for her) but I am saying that when you work from the core of who you are, the liklihood of success is increased exponentially.  When she goes into “work” at 6pm to “do a few things” and calls me at midnight frantic because she lost track of time, that is someone in their gruv.

This is what I wish for my children!  I pray each day that they find their gruv and never get out of it.  This would truly be a life well lived.

As Norman Cousins said, “Death isn’t the greatest loss in life.  The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we live.”

Here’s to finding your GRUV!


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