It really is about perspective

I know how difficult it is to not allow things to overwhelm you and appear to be greater than they are.  Just a few days ago, I had a certain set of problems in my life.  Things I was concerned or worried about and I was convinced they were the most critical.  I was able to gain some perspective on these when, on Tuesday morning, I was downsized.  Normally, you would think this would move right to the top of the list.  For whatever reason, this was not the case that day.  I drove to my wife’s shop and let her know what had happened and we spoke about what the next step’s should be.  I believe the reason for this peace of mind was because as I drove home, I prayed to God for the ability to understand His plan and how these events impact it.  I have faith that He does have a plan and that while I am not privy to it in it’s entirety, it is a solid plan that reflects His goals for my and my life.  This is the kicker for us.  He only reveals the plan to us a little at a time because if he didn’t, we may want to jump ahead or maybe take a different route which would not be a good thing.

He also puts people and events in our path that assist us in maintaining perspective BUT only if we pay attention and do not become so focused on ourselves that we fail to see them.  This happened to me Sunday.  We had a young man in our community that had been battling brain cancer for 7 years and finally passed away several weeks ago at 12 years of age.  His parents came to visit our church on Sunday as our pastor had officiated at their son’s funeral.  During the service as our pastor spoke how we will see those we love again in Heaven, I glanced around and my eyes locked onto the young man’s father.  He was wearing dark glasses and was clutching a toy dinosaur throughout the service.  At this point in the sermon, his head was down and I could see his hands shaking as we wept at the thought of seeing his brave young son again.  If I needed something to prove to me that my so-called problems were mere bumps in the road, this was it. 

In all reality, at any given time, there are thousands of people on this Earth suffering in a way that most of us will never be able to comprehend yet we continue to think we have things so bad.  Whether we chose to recognize this and minimize our self-pity is a personal choice.  I will tell you I will never be able to get the image of that father clutching the dinosaur weeping uncontrollably out of my mind…and rightfully so.


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  1. Jim Whetstone

    My prayers will be with you during your time of job searching. God definately has a plan for you! Perhaps He wants to use your excellant writing, literary and computer skills to do his kingdom work? Your peace of mind comes from your relationship with God and having your priorities in correct order: God, Family, Friends, etc.. Great blog. Thanks, for ministering to me today.

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