9 lives

This is definitely not what you think.  Over the past two days I have read about two separate instances on different sides of the country (California and Ohio) where people who have lost their jobs have decided to kill their children, spousesm, and themselves.  While I would like to think this is do to some mental illness or otherwise extraordinary situation, I am beginning to think this is the just the beginning.  Has the situation become so drastic that we know no way out after the loss of our job and begin to imagine that it is better for our families to be dead than to rise up to adversity and fight our way through it?  The other day I read a quote that said, “You can’t take the true measure of tree until it falls.”  While I can imagine none of us want to suffer setbacks, we must assume we will and develop the ability to overcome them. I also recognize this is easy for me to say as I am blessed (and I do mean blessed by God) in having a significant support system that includes and terrific wife, loving kids, and tremendous extended family and many friends.  I know everyone does not have this but is it too much to imagine that we should? 

Were these two families so isolated and alone that they truly had nowhere to turn and just could not imagine being able to conquer this latest setback?  I certainly cannot begin to imagine their situation but I do know that it is within all of our abilities to ensure those we know recognize we are there for them if they need us.  Perhaps this is part of the change we need to see in our society when we all stand up and say this cannot happen again.  When we decide as individuals that we cannot and will not give up on ourselves or our neighbors.  When we reach out to those we know and those we do not with a hand if it is needed.  Not because there is anything in it for us but because we may need a hand in future.  I can say that for sure.  At some point we all need a hand to help us up or a shoulder to lean on.  Offer yours to someone soon and let’s stop this from happening again.  There were 5 children who will never have the chance to grow up and enjoy their lives.  Remember, it takes a village…to do anything.


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  1. Sandy Blanquera

    Touching. It makes me think about what has happened in our society to “condition” us to respond to the social stimulus…why do we now pass hitchikers on the road, why is it that no one comes when we yell, “help”, but everyone looks when we yell “fire”, why do we no longer answer our doors, why do we ignore with blatant denial real problems happening where we live. We have been conditioned. Perhaps, there is a statistic that says ony x% will jump in front of the bus to save a child…but how is that statistic influenced by the fact that we have greater opportunities to be conditioned to connect, to be open to others and to be everyday heros. They say change starts with one.

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