striving for the “archimedean point”

Here is where we all should strive to be.  We should have develop our own levers that enable us to get far enough from our situations so we can view them objectively.  Why is it so easy to do this with others but so difficult to do for ourselves?  This is also why technology is terrific.  In the past few weeks, I have sent emails out to a core group of friends and business partners to gain insights into a few different situations and they provided critical insights that I would have otherwise missed.  

We have so many tools now we can use to achieve better results, it is truly amazing.  The challenge is getting connected and staying that way.  When you talk of social capital and your network, the thing to remember is that it needs constant pruning.  You have spend time reaching out to others and generating interest and give people a reason to contact you.  This is not about selling and buying, it is about the free exchange of ideas!  In the book “The Discovery of Air”, Joseph Priestley was so consumed with sharing ideas with Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin that he gave away most of his valuable discoveries to others in Europe who actually got the credit for his discoveries.  He, and the other Honest Whigs, cared more about sharing because the real value came from bouncing ideas off of one another and gaining greater insights along the way.  As jazz great Charlie Mingus said, “You can’t improvise on nothing, man!”

In this vein, check out Sandy Blanquera’s site at where you can find links to her blog, twitter and facebook pages.  Her company is called Social Boomerang and she does just what I am talking about.

Go forth, connect, and create your own serendipity!


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