my role models

About 2 months ago, I responded to a question on linkedin about role models. People were providing some very interesting thoughts but most were business, political, or sports personalities. As I was thinking about it, I was struck by the fact that the people I admired most were my kids. Here is the response I posted that day…
My role models are my kids! They are 11, 15 ,and 17 and I strive to be more like them. Here are the characteristics I would like to emulate from each:

12 year old daughter
innocence, honesty, wide-eyed wonder at the world, happiness, and the ability to laugh from her toes

15 year old son
quiet strength, conviction, willingness to go his own way regardless of who does or does not follow, dry wit, caring you can feel from him without having to say anything, and his depth of emotion

17 year old son
conviction he is always right, willingness to “tilt at windmills”, wanting to squeeze every last minute of fun out of every day, belief that 10 more minutes of sleep will actually make a difference, clear understanding that “book knowledge” does not offer a measurement of intelligence or ability to succeed.

I hope they all cling tightly to these pieces of their personalities and never become cynical about the state of human nature. I hope they learn that growing up does not mean giving up!
I am a less than stellar role model as I continue to wrestle with how much of the line to tow and how often to cast it off and let the sails fill with air and take us where it may.
The only way to truly find out what my kids learn from me would be to ask them because I am sure it would not be the same as what I perceive and/or hope it would be.

Seeing this now after having a few months distance from which to view it, I can honestly say it is truth and I would not change a word.

Who is your role model…really?


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