beware the orange cones

Over a year ago (actually it was July of 2007 – I just checked my journal), my pastor (Steve Bush – used the metaphor of orange cones and that he would like to have them in the church because we are all still “under construction”.  As I continue to connect to more and more people who are out of work and starting over, the more Pastor Steve’s metaphor rings true.  Ithink we should all take this approach in all phases of our lives.  Here are few that are extremely applicable for me:

  • Parent – I have 3 kids (ages 12, 15, and 17) and I am constantly challenged with my own actions and behaviors.  I am not sure what (if anything) I thought we my wife and I “decided” to have kids but I can assure you we did not imagine the angst and never really having the answers for the challenges we would face.  In fact, I can say with confidence that my kids are the greatest source of development I have.  I am constantly evaluating my own behavior and thought processes which is a good thing.  It is good in retrospect but does not always feel good when it is happening.
  • Husband – This one is quite the head scratcher at time.  We were married in our early 20’s so we were not even mature as individuals, let alone as a couple.  We continue to grow and change and the work is that we have to grow individually and as a couple.  This is much easier said than done.  The only thing that makes it “doable” is that we love each other dearly and I could not imagine being without her.
  • Friend – I am sure my friends would concur with this and may even say that it needs to move up on the list.  Again, this takes work.  These relationships are too easy to take for granted.
  • Me – Perhaps the most challenging because changes here trickle through to all the others.  For me, this is where I struggle most because I am still not sure I know what I want to be when I grow up.  A sub category of this is my relationship with God and I now understand why they call it a “walk”.  It is work and not something that is ever “over”.  Trying to figure out what He wants you to do and then figuring out how to do it is not easy.  I guess if it was, there would not be so many of us trying to figure it out.

I guess you could say there are orange cones strung throughout my life…but I am okay with that.  I am a work in progress.  The only thing I have to continually remind myself is that I must get up every day and continue the work!


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