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I continue to find inspiration in many different places and it makes me want to continue to search out unusual and interesting ideas from sources.  I walked through Barnes and Noble this evening and can say that I did not find one interesting book in the “business” section.  As I looked over the selection, I could not help but thinking that the majority topics were simply a new spin on an existing idea.  I think we could drive ourselves crazy trying to keep up with the latest and greatest ideas for success.  

Later, I was reading and came across a fact that provided me with one of those BFOTOs (blinding flashes of the obvious).  It seems that Eratosthenes of Cyrene was the first person to:

  • correctly estimate the circumference of the earth
  • determine the tilt of the earth’s axis
  • possibly determined the distance from the earth to the sun
  • invented the leap day

These feats are quite amazing for anyone but this particular person lived from 276-195 (BC)!  I know we believe we are pretty smart and that we continue to invent and discover things but I cannot begin to imagine the methods, tools, and thought processed used in 150BC to determine the size of the earth some 1500 years before Columbus discovered America.  I say this because the ideas and concepts that are important have already been invented and those are the ones we should pay attention to.  Things like the importance of relationships and being a part of something bigger than ourselves are concepts that never lose their shine.  The latest and greatest ideas on leading people have not really changed for thousands of years.  Jesus created the first “flat” organization.  The moment he was crucified, the curtain in the temples were torn in two so that all could know Him.  He got rid of all the layers and a couple thousand years later, we still haven’t gotten it right.

I guess what I am saying is that we need to pick up on those core concepts and forget about the latest and greatest fads.  People are important, things come and go.  After that, it is all just details.


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