building your own “prosperity plexus”

Last night I met with Janice Worthington ( as I needed some assistance in re-constructing a better marketing piece for my search (because that is what a resume is).  The kicker here was that by the end of the 90 minute discussion, we were looking at my wife’s website (, her facebook page, my blog, and discussing our networks that had more than a few people in common.  One of these people was a close business associate and personal friend of Janice’s that owns Atrium Personnel (  The owner had been a student in a couple of classes I facilitated in the Franklin University MBA program.  I also found out that a former co-worker of mine was a client of Janice’s (as were many other people we discussed).  All of this came from a chance encounter as I had done a web search for resume services in Columbus, Ohio and Janice was the only person to respond to my inquiries.  As a side note, she responded quickly as well and always followed up with a phone call.  She is obviously a 24/7 person as we met at 6:30pm on a Friday night!

We will see how this journey goes but I am confident I had selected the right path for this particular challenge in my life.  I spend a great deal of time creating logical strategies but will admit that I make most of the final decisions on “gut feel”.  Regardless of the objective measures involved in a decision, when it comes to business I have to feel good about the transaction.  Whenever something has not worked out for me, I can normally track it back and see that I went against my instincts.  I think it is critical that you believe in the people you do business with and not just do it because of “qualifications”.  I am convinced that people do business with those they know, like, and trust.  When we are in these types of relationships, we expect things to turn out well and take actions to make sure they do.  When we are not in these solid relationships, we sub-consciously hold back and put more of the “weight” on the other people which often results in failure.

I felt very good about my choice after meeting with Janice and came home and spent about and hour connecting with her on linkedin ( and following her on twitter ( as well as joining the Scioto Ridge Networking Group (  

The message here is that success is never a solo effort and creating a strategy for your own “prosperity plexus” (an intricate or interwoven combination of elements or parts in a coherent structure) should be the first thing on your list.  The most important piece is to make it your own and not something you do for work…it is about adding value to your life.


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