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I was at a meeting yesterday (it was lunch meeting and the food was terrific…for those of you who have not tried it, I would recommend the Columbus Brewing Company but I digress) and the conversation was centered around social media and the impact on marketing strategies.  It was a terrific and stimulating conversation with Jeff Beeler from Sync Creative and we theorizing on the implications of the mutliple types of “social media” and how they can be leveraged to support an organization’s efforts.

I continued to think about this throughout the day and decided to pose a question on this topic on linkedin to see what type of responses I would get.  I have been floored by the response as well as the follow up conversations with people across the US and beyond.  There have been responses from a myriad of people ranging from indepedent marketers to the VP of Strategic Initiatives with Fannie Mae.  

The message here is that you should not waste the opportunity to ask some questions of your extended network on linkedin and make contact with some new and interesting people who could eventually join (and strengthen) your network.  Asking a thoughtful question generates great responses as well as opportunities to follow up with additional conversations around topics of interest.  It doesn’t take that long but can stretch your thought process and add tremendous value.  These are people you would NEVER have the opportunity to meet and talk to if it were not for this medium and that is truly AMAZING!  I have since been trading emails with one of the people who is the principal at a marketing firm in California based on the fact that on his “interests”, he listed “sarcasm”.  I thought this was hilarious and he responded with some greater insights which were even funnier (they had to do with Maker’s Mark at the end of hard day).

End of the story is that you really should leverage some of these opportunities and not just continue to build a homogeneous network of people you already know or work with.  Reach out to someone based on common interest on something funny and see what happens.  It may even lead to business down the way?


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