BUILD A NEWTORK!  This was #4 on a list of 6 steps to building your personal brand at Fruitful: Creating a person… and I could not agree more.  It is one of those Blinding Flashes Of The Obvious (BFOTO’s) that we have all to infrequently but need more of.  This is exactly like when you are hounding your sales team for sales and you tell the make X number of calls and their focus becomes just making the calls without regard to the reason they are making calls!  They are making calls to build relationships which could lead to sales.  We should all be looking to build our networks and not simply collecting business  cards and running up the total number of connections on linkedin.  When is the last time you scrolled through your connections on linkedin and “pinged” (this is from “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi) just to see how they are doing to nurture the relationship?  

Building a network is very much like planting farming, gardening, or landscaping  in that you can only plant as much as you can care for.  The objective is not plant as much as you can because it will be a waste of time when it all dies off.  This is exactly what happens when we lose focus on the goal of building a network. 

The question we all have to answer is, “Why are we building our networks?”


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  1. Right on Perry.

    I think it’s OK to have duel objectives, but it’s not OK to have only one.

    What I mean by this is that forward facing professionals network because they have professional objectives. But in order to be successful a networking, we also need to genuinely enjoy meeting people. If you don’t, you should change roles because forced socializing will never get you anywhere.

    We need to CARE about people and not just ourselves. Trade the “what’s in it for me” attitude for a “what can I do to help YOU” approach.

    But, on the other side, if all you never take the time to leverage the relationships you build to help achieve your objectives, you’ve wasted valuable time.

    Learning to master this balancing act will change both your personal life and career.

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