A contrarian viewpoint on social media

Okay, let’s all take a deep breath.  I have been inundating myself in the world of social media for the past 4-6 weeks and visited hundreds of websites, blogs, micro-blogs, mini-micro blogs, and something things I do not even know the name of.  I have asked questions of experts in the is burgeoning field and some of them even make sense when they answer.

I decided to use one of the tools (linkedin) and asked “What are the most important 3-5 steps in managing your personal brand?”.  I received some great answers from people like Jeff Beeler, Nate Riggs, Lara Kretler, and Keith Pape.  These are all very bright people and I would recommend checking them out on their respective blogs as they each have a unique viewpoint on this topic.  Having said that, here is a short/abbreviated list of the points they mentioned:

  • bring value
  • be transparent
  • diversify
  • make it real
  • be genuine
  • know your strengths
  • have integrity

Anyone see anything interesting about these?  (I will give you a minute to think about it)…………..


I would take the stance that these are not revolutionary ideas.  In fact, some would say they are cornerstones for success?  I think we would all do well to not confuse fundamental activities with the channels we use to pursue them.  While I am the first person to admit to the wonder of linkedin and other tools we have at our disposal, they are not replacements for the principles that enable us to be successful.  We cannot become so enamored with the technology that we forget that content is king.  This is just like the old saying that “Cash is King”.  You can sell as much as you want but there has to be cash in hand at the end of the day.  I have personally seen companies sell their way out of business.  

I get glimpses of this in all of the current hype of social media.  While it is exciting to see all of these new avenues and ideas for communicating, it is not a substitute for content.  I read somewhere that technology does not make us smarter, it makes us dumber faster.  

There is definitely a need for all of us to be aware of social media.  We need to evaluate it and see how it fits into our strategies but it has to align with the overall mission and vision of the person/organization/business.  I do not believe it should be an end in itself as much as a means to a much greater end.


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One response to “A contrarian viewpoint on social media

  1. Thanks, Perry. I agree with you – sometimes we need to take a step back from social media and also prioritize. There’s no way we can all be on all sites/in all places/at all times!

    I enjoyed your thoughtful question on LinkedIn and will enjoy continuing to read your blog. Thanks for the link love.

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