New standards for the old traditions

garden-gunOn the way back from Florida last week (I had flown down for a long weekend with the family over their spring break), I picked up the latest issue of Garden & Gun.  This is an interesting magazine and probably worth a post all its own but that is for another time.  As I was browsing through, there was an ad for a lodge in South Dakota (Cheyenne Ridge Signature Lodge) and it used the header, “The New Standard for the Old Traditions of South Dakota).  This struck me as the same meta-concept I had been operating under for many of my thoughts on social media & networking.  It was not that we were suddenly faced with new issues in business in life, it was simply we were seeing different standards for the challenges we face.

They key here is that we cannot begin to think that that standards are somehow replacing the traditions because then we lose sight of the 20% of our activities that provide us with 80% of our results (check this link out for greater detail of the Pareto Principle).  We are certainly faced with new opportunities and must make decisions on how these fit into our overall strategies but let us not forget the basics still apply.  Business is about selling stuff to people…plain and simple.  Obviously, we can make it more complicated than this but it really isn’t.  I tell all of my MBA students that there focus should be to simplify the complex and not vice-versa.  

I was talking to my wife the other day about Twitter and trying to convince here that she should start “tweeting” about here store but she adamant that she did not need “one more thing to do”.  She was already spending time running the store, the website, and writing the blog and that was enough for her.  I agreed with her because her perception is reality and there would be no value for her to “tweet” if she isn’t into it.  That said, it is up to each of us to proactively decide what our own 20% may be and try to do as many of those activities as we can each day.  

Same fundamentals, different tools…that’s all.


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