Twitter is altering the field of play

Lest we think that social media (and the technology utilized) is not changing the way things work, take a look at the NFL draft this past weekend.  The draft is watched by millions of people and all look forward to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stepping to the podium and announcing the next pick.

scoop1This time around, things are being done a bit differently.  When it was time for the New York Jets to make their selection (after trading up 12 spots), many of the Jets faithful knew before Commissioner Goodell make the official announcement.  How you ask?  It was tweeted to Jets Wireless Subscribers and posted to their website.  This happened in the seconds between them making their selection (Mark Sanchez) and Commissioner Goodell walking several steps to the microphone to announce it!  (Check out Hannah Karp’s article online)

The question for us is how will this begin to impact our business?  Take a few minutes and really think about the implications of this level of communication and how it may change the playing field for all of us.


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