In search of Wu Wei

You absolutely have to read this article.  It is from and it is my new favorite blog to read.


“Wu wei” is effortless action and isn’t this what we all seek.  It is much like the concept of flow discussed by  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in the late 90’s.  It is called many things but it is always the same…centeredness.  It is when we are able to “be” instead of categorizing it as work, play, or whatever.  You have been there at some time in your life.  I have that feeling when I am playing basketball.  It is when you lose the sense of time and effort and when “being” and “doing” (without thinking) become one.  This is when we are able to do and be our best.

The key is to indentify these times for yourself.  When is the last time you lost yourself?  Think about it and figure out how you can do more of that activity!


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