Social Media Is…

As I watched this presentation, I have that gnawing in my gut that social media is just a tool.  It is a welcomed tool that will re-energize business and make it the way it was supposed to be!  Business was always about people and relationships but along the way, we lost that connection and now we are returning to the fundamentals.  It is refreshing and fun to talk to people one on one and not via mass markets.  Neither the seller nor the buyer wants that anymore.  We all want things to be personalized and speak to our needs specifically and not just hit 3 of 6 things we are looking for.  

I think most of all, we all want to feel connected.  I was reading some papers about networks the other day and the most amazing statistic stuck out to me.  The author of this particular article states that happiness in correlated to social networks and if one person is happy, nearby friends have a 25% higher chance of being happy as well.  It also stated that people at the center of the network are happier than those on the periphery.

Think about the societal implications of this!  But again, nothing we really did not already know…


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