Real Value in Social Media (about $200)

As you may or may not know, Lisa (my lovely and creative wife) owns and operates her own store in Thornville, Ohio.  It is quite a lovely place and you should visit if you have the time, in fact you can visit it now if you click on Urban Farmhouse.  

Well, this past weekend, she was in Granville doing an off site show and was taking credit card payments by using the vintage “knuckle buster” credit card imprinting machine that only people over 40 would even recognize.  The challenge here is that you have to physically write down the amount on the slip in order to charge it later.  As we were totaling up the sales from the weekend, we found a slip that had no total on it at all.  In the midst of the selling madness, someone had forgotten to write in an amount (even funnier was that the person signed it).

Well, she had been capturing zip codes so she used and looked up the last name in that zip code and called all 22 people asking for the name on the card…nothing!  As we sat and pondered the next step, Lisa came up with a quite brilliant idea.  She remembered the transaction and noticed the woman that bought the items in question was fairly young.  With that in my mind, she thought she was most likely on facebook.  Lisa had gotten hooked on facebook about 6 months ago as it has proved to be a great tool for her to get back into contact with many of her old high school friends.  Well she did a search for the person’s name and sent a message to her via facebook.

Well, within 2 hours, the young lady responded and said she was in the fact the right person and had noticed there was not total and that the person waiting on her had written down the incorrect zip code.  She also included the items and total for her purchase so Lisa could run her card.

I thought this was a terrific example of how social media connects us in ways we never could have imagined and provides value for all involved.  Do not underestimate the power of the connecting!


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