Changing face of employment

As we sit back and look back at the last 8-10 months and then gaze forward into our evr-changing future, I think it is safe to say that the concept of employment is transforming.  I cannot say with certainty what it will become but I can confidently make the statement that it is no longer what is was.

Here are some random thoughts:

  • Even if you have a job, your thought process should be “this is where I work for now”.
  • This subtle shift will change the employer/employee relationship for the better.  It will create the need for both sides to continually evaluate each other’s performance and determine if the partnership continues to be mutually beneficial.
  • People will begin to define themselves and their value independent of the organiztion they work for.
  • The traditional process of job searching/hiring is being turned upside down and individuals now understand that replying to ads through any medium is something you can do but will most likely yield no results.  
  • With the number of people in the job market, employers can afford to take their time and find the exact right person for the job…they are no longer satisficing.
  • Networks will become of paramount importance to individuals and continuing to nurture them will/should become part of your daily routine.
  • Adapting and learning are the skills needed to move forward.  Seeking out and embracing new ideas & technologies is key to survival.  The point here is mindset, the activity is secondary.
  • There will be no line between personal and business lives as we consciously continue to merge them into one holisitic life.  We will finally accept we do not have to arbitrarily create separation between what we do and who we are.
  • Call it freelance, consultant, hired gun, whatever you want (I prefer the term “ronin” which referred to a masterless samurai) but people will begin to see they can market their skills to several people and do not need to settle for one job.
  • On the heels of the previous point, people will beging to understand that diversification is not just something you do with your portfolio but with your career as well.  Why not create multiple streams of revenue so you do not have to worry about particular effort and feel trapped or beholding to an organization?  How many people right now are miserable but walk into their job each day saying, “At least I have a job.”?

This is obviously not a comprehensive list but it is a start.  Who knows what this will look like in 12-18 months are 5 years but I encourage you to carefully prepare for your future and develop strategies that align  with your life’s vision and mission.  Take control and take action!



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2 responses to “Changing face of employment

  1. Perry,

    Nice job. But I would offer one important caveat to all of the above… which is liable to create more noise than all of the above put together…

    If you are talented – at least moderately talented, this shift could be good for you. If you are inflexible, a poor performer, a slow learner (or not a learner at all) – this shift will be an utter and complete disaster for you.

    Unfortunately I think the noise, as this change happens, will be about the people being displaced more than the people finding new levels of satisfaction.


    • Perry


      I could not agree more as it those who do not have the talent or drive will find no greater success on the outside than they did on the inside.

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