My REAL job doesn’t make me any money

As you may or may not know, I have been out of work since January so I have obviously found other things to focus on (since you can’t look for a job 8 hours a day 5 days a week contrary to what many people will tell you).

My family has provided much opportunity:

  • Lisa (my wife) owns Urban Farmhouse and can often use some good old fashioned manual labor to lift/carry/move furniture/garden urns/miscellaneous items around.  She could actually use me 40 hours/week I think since she has the store, the website, and the blog to tend to.  She does it all and does it all very well.
  • Zane (our oldest) just graduated from high school and is in the transition stage as he locks into a decision for the near future.  We are at about 99% with his decision to enlist in the Navy and pursue a career in special forces (SEALs).  This is something he has talked about since he was in jr. high and it is great to see him making it happen.
  • Zach (our middle child) recently passed his test for his temporary drivers license as well as decided he wanted to attend Ohio Virtual Academy instead of returning for his sophomore year at Millersport High School.  This was not really shocking but as a I thought through the implications, I became quite challenged in accepting it as the best course of action.  The more I though it through, the more I realized it was the best thing for him because he decided it was and could sit down with us and provide us with his logic and reasoning.  I shared my concerns and he told about his thoughts on the matter and why he still wanted to pursue this option.
  • Grace (our youngest)…not much I can share here except that if we would have Grace first, she would have been an only child:)  I am not sure if it is because she is a girl but she seems to be going from 12 to 21 in her mind.  Maybe she is dyslexic and just got the numbers reversed!

What this has to do with learning is that when I am able to reflect on the events of the past almost 7 months, I can say with certainty that losing my job could not have come at a better time.  There have been many important family discussions to have and issues to address that have received 100% of my attention since I was home all the time.

What has been the most fulfilling is reflecting on the process and seeing that our kids are individuals and are making tough decisions in based on:

  • critical evaluation of the facts
  • understanding their emotions (and listening to them but not letting them rule)
  • faith in God and His plan for them
  • duty to family & country

I realized a few years ago (the first time I was downsized), that the single most important job I had on this earth was to be a husband to my wife and father to my children.  This was a job God has selected for me that only I could do.  There are others doing “jobs” I previously did and doing them quite well I imagine.  No one else was created for the job I have devoted 100% of my time to these last 7 months and for that I am grateful.

Raising kids and holding a family together in this world is no easy task but it is certainly gratifying to be able to sit back and see that all the work pays off.  Our kids are growing into wonderful adults/teenagers and that is something I would not trade for any title or salary!


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