Observations from a outsider

I am not a “networker” and do not profess to know exactly how to “be successful” using linkedin, twitter, facebook, etc.  I am however a student of the these things and would like to share some of the concepts that have percolated around in my mind since I dove into this arena about 6 months ago.

These are in no particular order nor are they an outline/process.  They are simply thoughts/notations/observations around the topic of social networking.

  • Sketch your strategy – make sure that you have envisioned how the activities you plan to engage in (online) support your overall goal(s)
  • Choose the “tools” that “fit” – if you are not the kind of person that likes to communicate frequently and/or read others communications, then twitter may not be for you (as an example)
  • Establish credibility and a willingness to engage – take the time to answer/ask a few questions on linkedin or provide a link to an article on twitter or FB.  when someone pings you or retweets something you posted, make sure you connect with them to say thanks.  If you want to be part of the community, you must interact
  • Be responsive, authentic, & transparent (these are deal breakers by the way)
  • View the building of your network as a integral part of your existence and not something you “do”.  It is part of being human as we are social animals…there are even studies that show people with vibrant social networks live longer
  • Take time to educate yourself and watch others to gain insights on how to engage and participate.  A really cool thing about those who are ” into” social networking is that they are always willing to answer questions or give tips
  • Virtual networking is an extension of face to face networking and cannot be a substitute
  • Technology provides an opportunity to accelerate connecting and also provides access to people you would never have been able to “meet” f2f
  • Big Ideas – you will never know who will read, forward, refer, or reply to something you posted.  That is the real power…share your world with other worlds and watch the cool stuff that happens
  • Not every effort will work and/or produce immediate results…do not sweat it.  Continue to learn, adapt, and act.

Remember what Bagger Vance said, “…this is a game that can’t be won, only played.”

If you really want to hear it from a professional…watch this clip from Keith Ferrazzi


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