It’s always been about the people

During a break last night in class (MBA class on developing future leaders) I overheard a couple of students talking.  This was their 2nd class with me so we had been working together for almost 10 weeks now.  Their conversation was centered around the concept that I say something in each class that they can relate to their personal relationships.  They called me over and we chatted briefly about it and then got back to class.

As I have thought more about it, it is really not surprising that this happens.  I think we all have a specific “frame” through which we see the world and it helps us organize the data we encounter as well as put context around our experiences.  My frame is PEOPLE.  I see all that I do through a frame that consists of the following components:

  • Serving as a performance catalyst for others (by default this impacts organizations)
  • Teaching  (I define teaching as “deriving satisfaction from sharing knowledge & experiences to help others achieve their goals”)
  • Developing purposeful relationships & adding value to those in my “social convoy”
  • Challenging myself and others to seek meaningful opportunities to grow (not change)

These points affect all that I do and how I see the world.  Each time I am encounter a situation, these are the opportunities I seek regardless of my position or responsibility.  In a men’s group I started several years ago, we were discussing our “jobs” and I shared that as I looked back on my experiences I could see that I had always “done the same thing” regardless of the company I worked for or the title I held.  It was always about the people for me.

What has it always been about for you?


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