Leveraging your network (for the greater good)

This is an amazing presentation by Don Low who is a biotech project leader in the San Fransisco area.  There are 2 very interesting things about this:

  1. I found this on the linkedin blog which is a pretty amazing source of information regarding linkedin and all things network-related.  I would recommend checking it out from time to time.
  2. Don “GETS IT” and is trying to assist others in his line of work see the value that comes from building & nurturing a vibrant network.  He provides step by step instructions and also shows (with screenshots) his results.  It is quite amazing.

What we are beginning to realize is that establishing meaningful relationships is not something that should be something you do when you have time.  It is quickly becoming a “core competency” for any position in the workplace…as well as the cost of membership in the human race.  We are social animals and everything we do that is worthwhile is done with others.

Hats off to Don for his great and insightful work!


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