This past Friday, I had the pleasure to “sit in” on a webex presentation from Mike Henry Sr. who is the principal at the Lead Change Group.  I had originally stumbled across Mike on Twitter and have since connected with him on LinkedIn as well as Facebook.  Even though Lead Change Group talks about leadership & change, Mike’s heart is about people.  This is an easy thing to determine if you have the opportunity to speak with Mike for more than 5 minutes.  He is definitely on a mission and that is I wanted to share with you.

Mike started the Lead Change LinkedIn group on 3/30/09.  He jokingly told us that he sent 300 invites and 50 people joined (+15% is not bad).  As of today, there are nearly 600 members in the group they are holding their first f2f meeting February 19-20 in sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

LeaderPalooza is an “un-conference” and the content will be driven by those in attendance…talk about a interesting meeting!  Very cool method of leading by example and actually using the meeting itself to drive home the very principles being discussed.

Not only am I interested in the Mike’s group & the terrific content that flows from it but it also represents an opportunity to watch this “emergent system” come into being.  (Now a short digression – I have posted about tribal learning and, after listening to Mike’s presentation yesterday & some great conversation today with Nate Riggs from Social Business Strategies, that concept has evolved into emergent learning & that is one of the reasons Leaderpalooza piqued my curiosity) Essentially, emergence is when complex patterns/systems arise out of simple interactions between agents in a system.  This also implies these interactions produce characteristics that cannot be found as characteristics of the individual agents – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Mike Henry Sr. has created an environment where we can engage with others who are believers & practitioners of character based leadership.  This will lead to the creation of new knowledge which is also and indicator of an emergent process.  One where the behavior of the system as a whole can feed back on the parts that make it up, changing the behavior of the parts…pretty cool, huh?

I would encourage anyone interested in learning more about character based leadership to take the trip to Ft. Lauderdale this February and check out Mike & the crew as they rock the leadership boat!

Here is the link to LeaderPalooza in case you missed it earlier.



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