Inward focus, outward reward

Talked with my son the other day about the concept of self-regulated learning (yes, he was thrilled about it) and began to realize there the core concept is really applicable to overall performance.

Self-regulated learning has 4 domains:

  • Cognition – How we learn from our environment
  • Motivation – How we manage ourselves (internally)
  • Behavior – How we manage ourselves (externally)
  • Environment – Being selective about where we are (in context of the first three) as well as adaptation techniques when we cannot choose our environment

This is about meta-cognition (learning about learning) and it is the core issue with being successful.  We have to take the time to analyze our own performance over time and try to draw out the similarities when we were successful and when we were not.  We can then begin to understand the “why” of our performance and take steps to create situations within which we will be successful.

The first step is to build in time to reflect on your efforts and think about what makes you tick.  If you don’t believe me, take a look at this paper written by Cynthia Roberts,  Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership and Supervision  at Purdue North Central. 

If we never take time to think about what we did and why it was or was not successful, how do we ever hope to improve our performance?


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