Simpler is always better

After the way my day began yesterday, there was real danger of things heading far south by the end of the night. Luckily, my wonderful wife did what she always does (looks at the glass entirely full) and we decided to still try to go out for our anniversary. Given the unexpected expense of the van repair, we cancelled the reservations at the expensive restaurant and went to Pizza Cottage instead. Since two of our kids were out doing their own thing, we decided to take our middle child Zach with us.
Well, we had a great time just eating and talking. We talked about when we were married (a story in itself) as well as stories about Zach when he was younger. Our bill for the entire dinner was most likely equal to the cost of a main course at the nice place but we would not have had nearly as good a time.
Funny how this almost always happens…most of the time the simplest effort produces the most outstanding results. There is a lesson in there somewhere…


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