Here we go!

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “You can never step in the same river twice”, and I would have to say I agree. 

I feel a bit like Lemony Snicket with the past 6 years being a series of unfortunate events but that has all turned around in the past 8 months.  I will be starting a new job on August 2nd with idegy and it is the first time in many years that I “feel” like it is the right place for me at the right time and that is a great feeling.

In the next several weeks I am also going to rebrand my blog and have it redesigned as well.  The idea for new name has been percolating for some time and I am quite excited to unveil it this fall.

Stay tuned as this will be the blog to read if you are searching for the real work of business…the tactical trudging it takes to make stuff happen.  Not the glamorous sexy talk of strategy and big ideas but the blocking and tackling it takes each day to achieve operational virtuosity.

Looking forward to the next phase of the journey and hope you will join me!


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