You want to hear God laugh…tell him your plan

I thought I would provide an update on our situation given the very thoughtful comments I received after my last posting.  For those of you who do not know, Lisa (my amazing wife) runs her own business.  I had shared that we were on our way to Minnesota for a show and we had to turn around due Lisa having a kidney stone.  She had the procedure to bust up the stone and I brought her home 2 weeks ago tomorrow.  Everything went well Thursday but Friday morning I ended up calling the emergency squad to take her back to the hospital because she was doubled over with pain and we were worried there was a problem with the stent they had put in.  Luckily it was merely blood clots due to dehydration so they sent her home with more pain medication and I was ordered to ensure she drank a gallon a water a day from that point on.

The good news is that Lisa is doing very well and her recovery continues to track in a positive direction.  We are still unsure of exactly what has caused this issue to re-surface after her initial kidney stone episode 10 years ago but she has several follow-up appointments and I am sure there is more information to come.

Other great news is that Lisa & I have been able to spend a great deal of time together working on the store and that has translated into Urban Farmhouse looking pretty snazzy (if I do say so myself).  We make a pretty good team…she buys great stuff and I am there to move it around.  I know it sounds kind of easy but it doesn’t always work out that way.  Like last week when we spent one evening putting up burlap & lights and hanging umbrellas from the ceiling throughout the back of the store.  I would never have thought of doing something like nor was I all that enthused about getting the “big” ladder out in order to make it happen.  I can also tell you with no reservation that it looks awesome and almost fantasy-like once we got it done.  The real clincher for me was how happy it made Lisa and how excited she is about the store now.  She has gone from dejected and overwrought at not being able to attend the Minnesota show to excited and energized about her newly planned Spring Open House.  When you walk into UF now, you can feel something different and that something is Lisa’s passion…and that is a powerful thing.

Finally, I will bring this back around to the title of this posting.  When last I wrote, I was unemployed and did not have any real idea of what was next.  Well, that is no longer the case.  After dropping Lisa off at the emergency room that Monday night, I came back home and began trolling the job postings.  I found one that looked promising and responded to the recruiter who had posted it.  On Tuesday, I received an email asking for some clarification regarding my experience and ended up talking to her on the phone later that day.  She submitted my resume to the President of the company and that led to an interview that Saturday.  Long story short, I accepted their offer this past Friday and will start April 2.

The irony here is that had we not been forced to turn around because of Lisa’s kidney stone, I most likely would not have seen that posting because we would have been busy with the show for the week.  The additional blessing is that the company is in Newark, Ohio and the office is 18 miles from our front door.  This is a HUGE win for us because all of my previous jobs were in Columbus and my commutes had been anywhere from 60-90 minutes each way.  Now I can be at work in 20-25 minutes and that provides me with so much more time with Lisa and the kids.  After I accepted the job last Friday, Lisa & I hugged and she cried because she could not believe all that had happened and how orchestrated it appeared to be.

We could not have planned it out any better than it was and that is because He was in charge and His plans are always better than ours.   Sometimes, the problem is that we won’t get out of His way and allow His plans to play out.  Sometimes, He has to do something that stops you in your tracks (like a kidney stone) to get your attention.  I can assure you that we are listening now…



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12 responses to “You want to hear God laugh…tell him your plan

  1. Tammy Willis

    Isn’t it amazing how God works something we see as horrible (at the time) for our benefit? I’ve seen it happen over and over again. I’m so happy that it worked out that way for you and Lisa! Congrats on your wonderful new job!

  2. Sharon Davis (Suzy)

    Itsn’t amazing how God works in our lives….. Great Blog!!!!

  3. So Happy for you Both…
    God to give us a lot of Tests..S glad you pASSED:)

  4. Patty Pfahler

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story! God does truly have a plan for each and every one of us. Your shop is wonderful and you both should be very proud!

  5. God is great! So glad Lisa is better and congrats on your new job!

    Sweet Pea Home

  6. karmon Whitaker

    I drive past your store daily a few times a day and every time I smile and am amazed at how beautiful it looks it puts a smile on my face and you are very talented ! All the best to your family and many more blessings and good things to come! Karmon Whitaker

  7. Debbie Wiens

    God really has a way of getting us where we need to go! He is a faithful and good God!

  8. Dana in KY

    God is Good !!! He has plans for all of us IF we just get out of the way and let Him lead.

  9. Malaea

    I just love this post. I am so glad that things are looking better.Congratulations on the new job!!!

  10. Debbi Popo

    The Popo Nation, as Pastor Bush calls it, is so very happy for the Maughmer family and your friendship is truly a blessing. We love you all! Congrats!!!

  11. thesantamaker

    So very thankful to hear ALL the good news! And yes, the Lord always knows best, even (or maybe especially) when we cannot see it. We’ve had progress here as well, my husband John is now off of dialysis, praise God! We pray that Lisa continues to recover, & that your new job goes well.

    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
    Jeremiah 29:11

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